What’s happening is not what you’re seeing.

Also: Foreign policy hawks are settling grudges while the world collapses… as a result of their grudges.

Here’s some horrible information: US drone strikes have a higher mortality rate for children than the Covid pandemic has among the general population. That’s too fucking complicated if you stop and think about it for longer than a second — so we don’t. We just move the fuck on.

We’ve been empowered to feel powerless

Nothing trickles down if it all gets sucked up

McMansions™ in The Shire. What would Bilbo say? … what do you mean he’s a greeter at Walmart?

We look like a bunch of pawns fighting other pawns, desperately hoping to kill a king and get a pat on the head, while ignoring the people playing the game.

We think we know this but we don’t act like it



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