We’ve made contact with the database of consciousness through our digital technologies.

We scaffolded our best creative tech onto a structure of reality we hadn’t discerned.

So the first thing I did was try to visualize how my mind connects with the database of consciousness.

Any of these could appear in a slideshow presentation for a spiritual pyramid scheme.
Choose your character

The Implication

Meanwhile back at my web browser

Dall-E 2 has nicer handwriting than me

Does the language in those images mean anything to you? Does it feel like it could? What is that feeling, exactly? Is it how we feel when we watch language imagine itself?

it me

What will I use it for?

It’s provided a lot of insight so far with some prompts.

You and me brother.

Where do we go from here?

Best to end with this I think:



Artist. Human. Software Engineer. Wizard. Nonviolent Extremist. Check out my https://wizard.bio/ and my https://awesome.wizard.guide/

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