Using Occam’s Razor to Slice a Gordian Knot!

Most science communication is culture.

That’s a complicated sentence

I couldn’t pic the most accurate one because the right one was all of them combined.

Where did we go wrong?

So what’s Occam’s razor here?

3 important takeaways

  1. I’m sorry to everyone who believes in this stuff because I was super dismissive about your views during most of my adult life. This doesn’t mean I subscribe to any specific theistic belief. All of this makes me very uncomfortable.
  2. If there’s a parapsychological ecosystem then it seems reasonable to assume that positive and loving feelings make it a good environment for us to be in so this seems like a good reason to be less shitty to one another.
  3. I will give a high-five to the first science influencer who admits this is reasonably accurate.



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