Toward an honest accounting of our shared metaphysical history

The Enlightenment was the deliberate formation of cognitive biases at the civilizational level around infrequent and unexplainable metaphysics

The easiest thing for you to do here is tell yourself I’m crazy and go consume something else. That’s a very understandable reaction.

This is deeply imperfect.

What is history?

I like a lot of the awesome stuff that has resulted in the infrastructure of our civilization and the wonder of our modern lives. I think that the current state of the world shows us that there are a lot of problems with how we’re creating this stuff, and sometimes why we’re creating it, but I’m very much in favor of innovation and science, as well as the curiosity and ambition that flourishes in the world around me because of the Enlightenment (Something I have not studied, I just live in the end result of its efforts.)

What is an idea?

What is happening?

There have been stories of fantastic technology in the sky all over the world for much longer than we’ve had fantastic technology in the sky. The ancient Greeks didn’t have good language around the colour blue, despite it being the sky, until someone got pigments and had to work with the colour more. How did a culture that couldn’t accurately describe the colour of the sky come up with cave drawings of aliens or robots?

What is reality?

How is it happening?

Why not?

I’m not a scientist. I’m a B+ software developer and, even if it turns out that I’m right about a bunch of this shit, I’m probably still a little bit of a crazy person. My insight comes to me in the form of epiphanies while consuming excessive media that I know is harmful to me because I’m addicted to trying to figure out what’s going wrong with the world. I don’t trust my assessment of the world though because I’m definitely 100% wallowing in an unimaginable quantity of cognitive biases. Fortunately I see more than enough credible people saying stuff like this that I feel confident that the world is a mess and I’m not just projecting because I’m also quite obviously a mess.

How do we stop it?



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