The United States has given us irrefutable evidence that we do not understand reality

Before we start: I’m a freelance software developer, project manager, and educator. I’m a big nerd and I think people are awesome.

It really says a lot about the shared experiences so many of us have lived in these past few years that it’s impossible to say with certainty which behaviour of the United States has prompted the statement in the title of this article.

Before I say anything further I want to acknowledge that I have a complicated relationship with the United States and its people. Especially as a Canadian. They have been a source of incredible inspiration and frustration for me throughout my entire life. Their culture has shaped me and the world around me. I’ve consumed the United States (directly and indirectly, deliberately and passively) and that consumption has played a role in making me who I am.

I’m happy with who I am so it would seem that I owe the United States a debt of gratitude for many good experiences I’ve had. But still… I’ve got beef.

The truth is out where?

For the purpose of this article: I’m talking about the UAP/UFO evidence and related reports. I’m focused on the confirmation that there is evidence of objects flying through the airspace of our planet which defy our current understanding of physics (described as “unusual flight characteristics”). If the video evidence is representative of actual physical phenomena (the report says most incidents do represent physical objects): the truth is that reality does not always function the way we think it does.

We have what we are being told is evidence of real things that move in ways we do not understand, and these things do not influence the world around them in ways we expect. My understanding is that the craft are faster and more resilient to G force than we have imagined as being physically possible and they have been reported by highly qualified air force pilots as not creating sonic booms while they travel through air faster than the speed of sound. Even accounting for inaccuracies in this view resulting from my status as a lay-person: there is something undeniably unknown and unexpected about what we are seeing.

This appears to be happening as a result of propulsion mechanisms beyond our understanding of physics. This is an obvious conclusion we can come to if we believe the evidence the United States has shown us is real, which they say it is.

Propulsion is a practical manifestation of our understanding of physics. If it happens in ways we don’t understand it means we don’t understand something really important about physics.

Don’t forget that the north pole of Saturn is a hexagon bigger than our entire planet!

Where the fuck is the truth?

For most of our lives the dominant cultural representation of UFOs was that they were not real and stating they were real meant that the person speaking was lying, or worse.

I’ve held this view of those people. It has, at times, resulted in feelings of cognitive dissonance within me. The scope of the universe is unimaginably large and the quantity and diversity of UFO experiences was incredibly broad… thinking about this too much made it feel like my established belief was incorrect. That’s a scary way to feel.

The United States would like me to now believe that my established belief was incorrect.

I’m not going to do that. I’m going to remain open to the possibility that this is actual evidence of something that exceeds our understand of physics and I’m ALSO going to remain open to the possibility that I shouldn’t trust the United States about this. This change in messaging is telling me I couldn’t trust them before when they said I could.

What else can’t I trust? The obvious answers seems to be: a whole bunch of stuff, by golly. I’ve been gaslight by a superpower during a global mental health crisis.

This would be easier if I had my own direct evidence. The only thing I have is a distant memory from years ago of watching what looked like a shooting star suddenly veer off at a sudden angle, which I assumed meant it bounced off the atmosphere (if that’s how that works?) or I saw it wrong. I understand that other people have direct evidence and it’s what sustains them but they can’t transfer the meaning of that to me… they can only tell me about the meaning. That’s not the same thing.

Skepticism is critical. (As is love! Skepticism without love harms me.)

What is truth?

The United States spent a bunch of time exploring other esoteric fields of research around the same time it was saying that UFOs weren’t real. I’m going to start by admitting that I don’t trust the view that investigating these fields proved fruitless.

Without accepting that they exist I must admit that I have become open to the possibility that things like ESP / Telepathy / Manifestation / Magick / etc. actually work. Psychedelics used to be in this category and is now researched at preeminent medical institutions. There is also some apparent overlap in the histories of those fields and psychedelics

Frankly I don’t even have the right vocabulary to explore this subject yet. There are whole schools of thought, and massive amounts of research about this subject, that have been off-limits as a result of the culture of my part of the world, the behaviour of the United States, and the behaviour of academic institutions.

Academic institutions are also seemingly more open to discussing the possibility of UAP being extraterrestrial or interdimensional or something else, although the pacing there will be slower and it seems likely that a lot of the discussions happening won’t be public. (This merits its own post and should include mention of the Replication Crisis currently being discussed in various strata of academia.)

Something about my understanding of reality is incorrect. While this may be true of every conscious being that will ever exist, it’s very notable in this case because I’ve been provided with an avenue to explore where the falsehoods in my understanding of reality may lay. I can focus on where there are unknowns.

Recent events have shown me that I must make an effort to be critical of my worldview and biases in order to better understand reality.

What does this mean for my daily life?

I write code, I teach, and I manage projects. I operate in a lot of different capacities in the business world in ways that have nothing to do with these new developments. I’m suspicious of things but I’m not worried that books will suddenly stop laying on flat surfaces.

That’s great! This would all be much harder to adapt to if I discovered that reality is different than I expected in a way that made spreadsheets harder to use. It’s not. It’s different than I expected in ways relating to the metaphysical world, not my local physical experience or the materialistic one.

Something about the building blocks of reality is different than I expected but I never fully understood reality anyway. I borrowed memes and tropes from culture and media and I did the best I could duct tape whatever scientific and philosophical theories I could understand on top of that.

I based my understanding of physics on models by people much more intelligent and qualified than I am, and I trust them because I trust the systems and processes that resulted in their elevation, although I never thought those systems were perfect and I’ve always been critical of anyone who discusses physics as though we truly understand the laws of physics. We have an amazing amount of insight and we know so, so much… but there are clearly unknowns.

As an aside/minefield: I feel the same way about vaccines. I’ve been fortunate enough to know a number of medical professionals and have had direct experience with the medical system, and medical education system, which has allowed me to hold a level of trust for the good intent of the people in these systems and the processes present therein. I also have experience with data analysis and this bolsters my trust. That doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns about potential outcomes or that I’m not frustrated or disgusted when governmental or corporate interest intervene in this process and people die and start hating each other. It certainly doesn’t leave me blind to the morally dubious or downright evil behaviour and outcomes we’ve seen throughout medical history. I fully understand how people without my experiences and information would have systemic distrust for all of that despite not sharing their distrust myself.

This big picture stuff is rarely the most important focus to our day-to-day, or the details of what’s required to actually help people solve the challenges they face.

The mechanisms of how I accomplish professional tasks don’t need to change and my professional skills are still important whether we’re alone in the universe or on the cusp of learning about a massive, reality spanning network of civilizations.

My mind is open for business

There are a bunch of ideas that I’ve been taught to ignore because they do not meet the purely capitalist requirement of exponential growth and optimized efficiency, often because they can’t be measured effectively. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some evidence for their existence or viability, it just means some group of people are working really hard to not look at them.

This exclusion from traditional means of expressing value has left them open to some of histories worst frauds and monsters. Just because an idea is in an ideological black market doesn’t mean it won’t be explored… it means it’s even less known and understood. The fact that it’s not understood means we may not know how to recognize different versions of it, among other things.

As an example: The startup world is allowed to form as many cults as it wants.

A lot of business and startup culture, especially in the tech world where much of my experience rests, is about optimizing for materialist considerations at the organizational level and ignoring questions of morality or spirituality. This happens despite the fact that huge quantities of people in tech explore a wide variety of alternative spiritual beliefs — not to mention the full spectrum of established religious ideologies, and all conscious beings hold some sense of morality.

You can’t force belief on someone — all you can do is force them to lie about sharing the belief. We understand it’s not acceptable when someone of another faith attempts to do this to us. This happens in the corporate world too! You’ve probably done this at one job or another in your life. Why do we accept this from Walmart when we don’t accept it from Christianity?

The answer is money, obviously, but that’s a silly reason. There are generalized values in every major religious system that are far more meaningful than the very best corporate-mandated value in the economic world. It’s not about saying “the solution is in group X” it’s about saying “Here is our understanding. Here are the possible solutions we have available. What do you think? Understand them and discuss them openly.”

There is some misalignment in how we handle individual vs group beliefs, and where those beliefs are allowed to be discussed, which is causing us harm at a societal level. I don’t have a solution for this but I’m open to exploring it, and I suspect it can only be explored with like-minded individuals and groups.

I don’t know what the solution is but I think many of us know it’s not how we’re currently handling things.

I will specialize in esoteric technologies.

Going forward I’m basically just going to try to mesh as many wizardly tropes as possible with my own identity in order to build a framework for how I can understand the world. I don’t understand the world right now and that lack of understanding is harmful to me. Trying to understand the world can also be harmful. That article taught me that I will find the healthiest path forward by exploring ideas playfully and from a place of love. I understood this intuitively and now I have this belief codified in language.

I will tinker. I will reflect on the nature of reality, and on my consciousness, and whether or not that’s a soul. I will design intricate and magnificent worlds in my mind and explore as much of the unknown as I can. I will bolster my past religious experience with additional knowledge from other religions. I will build digital and psychological technology in order to explore the limits of what is possible. I will explore philosophy and the occult. I’m 40 years into my life and I now have even more to learn than I did before. What a lovely challenge this has become.

I could have always been doing this but I wasn’t because I didn’t see these opportunities. I was blind to reality and I didn’t realize it until I was told things move in ways that shouldn’t be possible by the United States.

In the coming years I’ll be learning about as many of the old systems of measuring the world we’ve devised as possible in order to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. I’ll do this publicly, to keep myself honest and to help those who are like me but not comfortable enough yet. Getting to this point has been extremely challenging. There are no doubt countless versions of me that didn’t make it to this article.

I will always be mindful of the placebo effect — it’s an indicator that we can be deceived by systems we trust… and also an indicator that our minds can make their own reality and influence our physiology without external physical influence.

I will trust, but verify. I will have hope in the future and faith in people.



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