The Unimaginably Toxic and Harmful Nature of the Rage and Sorrow of Many Modern White Males

What limited options remain to turn us away from what looks like another inevitable conflict?

It seems unjust that something so painful could be so beautiful

It seems impossible to have this conversation without speaking in some generalizations. You will probably get offended at my imprecise language — if that hasn’t happened already — and I apologize for that. I also use some offensive language — which is a reasonable thing to find offensive—so I’m sorry about that too.

I played most of those characters in World of Warcraft on an RP-PvP because I’m a fucking asshole.

On the Intellectual Dark Web

lol check out this fuckin loser (But like I looked kinda badass right?)

I would have been an incel if incels were a thing in the 90s

It’s very easy to be white, male, and resentful (whether you feel they should or not)

“Stop being so aggressive!” they aggressively shouted.

Wherein I go real fucking hard at my own side, by Jove!

White male rage

Self Destruction as a Solution (SDaS)

I bet Jordan Peterson thinks seriously about calling a crusade

I’m thinking about calling a crusade too



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