The conversation about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is also a conversation about addressing false narratives and cognitive dissonance at the global level.

The Overton window has shifted and we must now publicly and rigorously discuss UFOs, UAP, extraterrestrial spacecraft, interdimensional travel, and advanced physics

Before we begin: The Overton window is a way to describe what we’re comfortable discussing as a population, and I say “aliens” as a placeholder for more technical terms.

Saturn's north pole is a big honkin’ hexagon

Portals to new realities have opened and we can choose to look at them. We can’t act like we don’t live in the future.

UAP aren’t going away. We’re going to start seeing a lot more serious coverage about this subject in news and media but first… we need to truly understand that it’s OK to discuss this subject. That’s hard! We have so much systemic bias against the open discussion of this and a number of related subjects. Even now, after so much conversation about so many recent official reports, people are still very hesitant to engage with this.

Think of the news coverage you’ve seen about these recent reports and associated videos evidence. People don’t really know how to discuss the subject on-air. Are there good examples of positive press coverage or is it mostly a bunch of people talking with the same confused, bewildered, or exasperated look on their faces?

It’s not just about aliens

“What the fuck is happening with the world?” feels like a thing I think all the time nonstop every day. I ask people this question a lot. People ask me this question a lot. It can come up in a lot of conversations at a lot of times. Sometimes I say it to my phone. Sometimes I say it to my window. One time I said it to my fridge? I’m pretty sure basically everyone has felt this at some point since 2019 and we, that is to say the “collective We”, often don’t know how to handle any of it.

Adding fucking Aliens into the mix is too. damn. much.

So… nobody wants to talk about aliens. Or think about aliens. It feels like it’s well beyond the Overton window. We’ve never been less interested in talking about aliens. The folks who have always talked about aliens are good to go, as are new people like me, but many people are totally shut down. We’re all huddling inside in the face of grueling periods of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual harm with inconsistent or absent messaging of hope and comfort from the overtaxed systems we assumed we could rely on to sustain us in the faces of simultaneous existential threats.

I’ve been saying for some time now that there is a global mental health crisis. The fact that the US government dropped “Here’s what looks like real space ships” into our midst during the middle of this, without any real support, was a deliberate or accidental psychological attack.

Who the fuck has time to think about aliens?

I’m obviously an exception because I’m a wizard and people pay me to think about reality. Most people don’t have time for this and, worst of all, we’re not really being provided with good sensemaking frameworks to discuss and understand the massive things that have happened and are continuing to happen to us. Whatever combination of healthy messaging and support we needed from our political, cultural, and spiritual infrastructure to energize us in the face of this constant barrage of hard-to-consider subjects failed to fully materialize when it was needed the most.

There’s reasons to be hopeful though. There are lots of cool efforts being made by awesome people and organizations to address this stuff. It’s hard but it’s happening and I look forward to highlighting relevant efforts in the future.

I don’t have a whole lot of hope about this stuff being resolved efficiently by the current state of many political systems.

I know a bunch of politicians. I like them. I like politicians I know who have different political views than me. At their very best they’d all struggle to deliver an effective and hopeful message about the fact that we should start talking about aliens. It takes big teams of Hollywood scriptwriters to write those.

They’re not going to bring this up and that tells you a lot. One of the main things it tells you is that we’re not ready to bring it up. If politicians felt they could benefit from this some of them would be trying. Especially the desperate ones. They’ll be some of the first. No one understands how to consider this subject so they’re ignoring it because a lot of politicians have evolved to ignore things they don’t know how to consider. Successful politicians have a near perfect ability to only look through the Overton window and pretend nothing else exists when they don’t think it’s their problem.

Not the rest of us though. The rest of us worry about what’s out there and worry that whatever it is… will happen to us. I think a lot of people are just hoping it passes uneventfully for their parts of reality. Like climate change. That makes sense to hope for and may be true.

Super Duper Important: If it makes sense to you and resonates strongly within you I don’t think you should be reading this article and would prefer you stop. Not everyone needs to think about this right now and the subject is challenging to consider for many reasons. Some of us thinking more about this will do just fine. Take care of yourself.

Think about aliens

Those are interesting thoughts to consider. Where do those thoughts come from? Years and decades of news and media mocking or discrediting ideas at the fringe of culture, filtered through your perceptions of a fringe aspect of society with undeniable capacity to harm the mental health of participants.

The ideas in our heads about aliens are, more than most, other peoples ideas that we’ve paid to consume. They feel substantive because they are of cultural significance and have been collected through media designed to maintain a high state of emotional arousal… but they’re not actually based in reality. There is no United Federation of Planets. There is no Galactic Empire. The very best science fiction we have about aliens is fully imagined and created to be way more entertaining than our everyday realities in order to… sell popcorn.

It’s pretty cool how there’s a hexagon bigger than our whole planet on another planet in the solar system.

Aliens provide us with a lot of possibilities to think a lot of wild things. My only advice here is to not do it in isolation. Realistically: The only thing you can control about aliens is how you’ll react to news about them. Think about how you’ll react to news about aliens. Think about how that may harm you. Address that potential harm. The current trend for this information is that there will be more information.

The main purpose of this exercise is to try and inspire people to develop their own healthy perspective on this subject. There isn’t an easy one for you to just consume and adopt as your own, so that’s really challenging.

The big scary stuff is beyond your control — as it the timing of things. Exploring this subject with people you love or respect can help bring you closer together in this time of shared hardship, and it will better prepare you for the next phase in whatever the plan for the release of this information by the United States is called.

Stop thinking about aliens!

So here’s the thing: Don’t trust the government of the United States on this subject. At all. If they’re telling the truth now it means they were lying for decades. If they’re not telling the truth now the lie is probably as world-shaking as what they say the truth is. What looks like a bunch of new effort is the tip of a complex iceberg of strategy and ideology.

Don’t come at this from the perspective that you know what’s up. You don’t. Unless you have direct and compelling evidence that would have made reading this article useless: there’s no reason to know you do.

You can’t trust any of this stuff so you need to talk to people you trust in order to come up with a plan to come at this together. These are hard conversations. You know the “school of life” people say they attended in their Facebook bios? This is that for realsies.

Talk about this from the perspective of this large scary thing that has happened and is continuing to happen to you without your consent. Talk about it from the perspective of how uncertain we’ve all become about the information we’re provided by the systems that represent us. Talk about it from the perspective of the implications this may have on the very fabric of reality. Talk about it from the perspective of how exhausting it is to have this dumped on our reality without any attempt at supporting us in understanding it.

Talk about it however you want and from whatever perspective interests you. Just please talk about it.

Please share this article to help sustain those important conversations.

Thanks for reading. Take care.



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