The Meaning of the Replication Crisis

The impossibility of understanding the Three-Mind Problem

As an aside: There’s some research that shows that there is as much evidence for some widely accepted psychological phenomena as there is for some widely rejected parapsychological phenomena like ESP or remote viewing. When I go around saying there are undiscovered physics of consciousness I’m not inventing or imagining anything — I’m just describing what’s being shown to us elsewhere.

The Hard Problem of Figuring Shit Out

Predict this for cash money or the acclaim of nerds!
“The Three-Body Problem”, Dall-E2 by Open AI
“The Three-Mind Problem” Dall-E2 by Open AI

The New Agers of the 60s and 70s really seem to have hindered their brands and efforts by tethering them so significantly with the scientific terminology of String Theory. Folks today do this with Quantum in a very similar way. When the chaotic nature of our universe changes the science attached to the science upon which we build spiritual ideologies we then have to change any other narratives associated with it if we want to keep everything aligned. I’m not saying calling this stuff “Quantum” isn’t where we’ll end up — it seems likely that it may — but we’re just not there yet. All of this is at best pop-science. Treating it like real science alienates actual scientists — who are already alienated by virtue of having to hold unsustainable views about undiscovered physics of consciousness in order to maintain their materialist worldviews — and this risks keeping all of us farther away from discerning any shared truth about reality.

“pop science is bananas!!!!!!!!”, Dall-E2 by Open AI



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