The Hard Work of Important Work

The impossible challenge of openly and honestly facing the terrible history of residential schools in Canada — and why we must face it.

The Pope has come to Canada

“The Pope has come to Canada” by Dall-E2 with specific style and aesthetic prompts

I’m currently taking a course on Religion and UFOs being offered by Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka. When people get tuned into the thought of the UFO Phenomenon they often look back through history and see religion events through the frame of UFO experiences and recognize that many of these events were related to the UFO Phenomenon. This also means that modern UFO events are religious events. I touch on this a bit more in this video.

Canadians have to fix this more than Catholics

Masses of people ignoring the abuse and murder of children for decades can be accurately described as lacking some aspects of a moral code.

Obviously the problem is that we have no fucking clue how to handle this



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