The Esoteric Compendium of Eric Lortie: the unofficial Wizard of Canada

Don’t pay attention to this. This is bonkers.

I am a social media influencer attempting to discern the undiscovered physics of consciousness by consuming information about physics, culture, and the esoteric systems that connect human minds (eg: social media platforms, economic systems, shared global infrastructure)

Core Metaphysical Writings

I accepted that there were undiscovered physics relating to consciousness and started exploring that reality in greater detail. These pieces also relate to my Theory of Everything.

Adventures in Wizarding

These stories walk though my journey of esoteric discovery and my ascendance to the self-described title of unofficial Wizard of Canada. They cover why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I think about myself.

Sometimes I’m a battlemage

Exploring The Phenomenon

These articles explore the concept of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena/UAPs/UFOs.

Attempts to reshape human civilization

These pieces represent my efforts at trying to come up with effective solutions for existential threats because I’m addicted to thinking about this shit.

My spell book

This is a compilation of ideas or stories that attempt to imagine improvements in the way things are or manifest changes to reality. They include any applicable steps or processes that I’ve been able to discern.

Big Annoying Questions

I don’t have answers for the questions but I can ramble about them and then as I re-read them to think about them some more sometimes I fix the typos.

Why is the north pole of Saturn a hexagon?

Metaphysical Rambling of a Wizardly Nature

These articles are peak wizarding and are probably inaccessible to a bunch of folks because I’m a crazy person.

Look at all the little things being amazing.

Random Shenanigans

Things that don’t go elsewhere but are worth listing.



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