The Continued Deterioration of the Global Healthcare Industry Will Kill You or People You Love

You know it’s true

At a more local level: I believe there is a pretty significant conspiracy in my region relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have some evidence and I’m confident I can find more. I’ve found plenty of other folks who share my experience — and know there are more. I know that a lot of the people on the inside who have access to the data that can prove this cover-up are well intended people working in an obviously overburdened healthcare system. I understand that many of these people know the cover-up is wrong but don’t see how shining a light on it now would be a good thing. I understand their perspectives, I feel sympathy about the fact that they may feel guilt and shame for participating in this conspiracy, and I have empathy for them because they likely didn’t choose to do this so much as choose to go along with it — an important distinction to be made if we want to fully understand why people behave the way they behave. I’ll be exploring this cover-up in future articles.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska:

It’s not just money. Different healthcare sectors have different challenges. Psychology has a doozy of a challenge to overcome: Quantum mechanics tells us that measuring something changes it. Part of the reason we have a replication crisis is because we measured out minds and we didn’t account for the fact that our minds aren’t just constructed of materialistic, biological components. Some unknown quantum aspect of our existence occurs in spaces of reality relating to undiscovered physics of consciousness. This is Gödel’s incompleteness theorem made manifest as an actual instance of an actual problem which is not indefinitely solvable due to the malleable and unknowable nature of reality — and it’s happening in our healthcare system. Psychological sciences will need to develop a meta structure capable of adapting to our constant change in order to prevent a future replication crisis.



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