The Best Case Scenario

Is this the least harmful and most wonderful iteration of the scientifically plausible yet utterly fantastical options available to us right now?

Warning: A bunch of this is like totally wrong. k?

The Fermi Paradox is a beautiful mistake

We are under active visitation by nonhuman technologies and the US government is actively investigating these incursions. We will inevitably figure out how to make contact with the nonhuman intelligences currently sustaining the varied and deliberate incursions into the airspace of our planet. They are obviously making contact with us. We’ll learn they don’t intend us harm and that things are fairly complicated but pretty straightforward. We’ll learn that space is like Earth: dangerous if not treated with appropriate respect.

This will be shocking to everyone but not terribly surprising to many (for a wide variety of reasons) and we will be forced to have a new form of conversation.

Sometimes things line up perfectly

And then?

Our lethargy around holding our leadership to account, often because of ideological partisan divides sustained for economic reasons, will fade away in the face of the ontological shock we will experience. We will hold our leaders to account and demand the type of good intent and behaviour we should have had from all of them all along. Old leaders and systems will fade under the weight of the changes that will arise from this contact event and new leaders will arise to play a role in shaping the next stage of our development after this shift.

Is this the change we need?

Something needs to change. Everyone knows it. Even the people who say they want things to be the way they used to be still want all sorts of stuff to change — or stay changed. The conflict we’re experiencing is escalating and unsustainable. A contact event with nonhuman intelligences (who we already know are flying in our atmosphere but no one will officially acknowledge publicly [while benefiting from this status quo privately]) will prompt an immediate shift in discourse at every level of our civilization.

The pandemic could have done this but it wasn’t shocking enough. A nonhuman contact event is a do-over for how bad we fucked up the last global crises.

Come on folks we gotta get our shit together the aliens are watching.

We will see a new technological renaissance, one that far surpasses the one we’re currently experiencing due to how much more evenly distributed it will be, and also how much less harmful it will be for us. More people will participate in this process than ever before. Ideally as a result of collaboration with these entities after they share new technology with us as part of a plan that is regularly rolled out during events like these. If that’s prohibited for some reason it will at least allow our science to attempt bold leaps in exciting directions. We will find energy tech capable of offsetting climate change. We will learn how to build the infrastructure of our civilization in a way that is not harmful to our civilization.

Right now, at this moment in history, climate change means you’ll spend the rest of your life watching really shitty news about the weather and how harmful it can be, and sometimes the weather will be really harmful to you. More than before — and worse. Unless we change something. The energy technology powering the very real craft shown in this interview is capable of doing stuff we didn’t think was possible.

Now that we know it’s possible our imaginations will run wild.

They may not know what’s beyond consciousness either

There’s a very real possibility that they won’t be much closer to understanding the origin of the universe than we are now. They’ll certainly understand more about how to integrate biology and technology with the undiscovered physics of consciousness (and may even have fully discovered them [and ideally will share this information with us]) but it’s possible that something like Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem will play a role in preventing the elucidation of whatever is the cause or source of all reality — even at their level of technological development.

What a fantastic development that would be. A post-scarcity civilization where people are more easily afforded the opportunity to pursue a greater variety of meaningful pursuits in healthier ways — with greater support.

One where we know the greatest unknown remains what is beyond, and where we are afforded the time and space to explore these pursuits in whatever ways we deem best (while affording this same freedom to everyone else). Having a family. Being part of a community. Learning. Creating. Pursuing spiritual development. Challenging yourself by doing the hard work that will still be required to keep everyone safe and supported. There are countless possibilities and we’ll have more control over which we can choose.

A world where we’re all forced to work less is a world where we’re all free to live more.

How do we get there?

I suspect hardly anyone is going to like this so I’m sorry to say it looks like part of the answer is hard work, another part is collaboration, and the final component is belief. For realsies. It looks like belief is a functional component of reality which intersects with unknown physics of consciousness.

It looks like belief tills the soil of consciousness the way your hands till the soil of your garden.

Love and intention probably play a role too. The nonhuman intelligences in our ecosystem probably have math for it. I don’t know more than this — I’m struggling and failing to keep up with the people who are discovering it. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

What do you think?

A bunch of my conclusions can be easily disagreed with — especially since a lot of the stuff I take to be fact isn’t accepted as such by the mainstream. But even if you see what I see you may think something else is more plausible. I’m happy to update this article over time with improved information arising from comments.

I wrote a follow-up article explaining how we could do something about this:



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