Planning for The Next Great Pilgrimage

Select your character and form your party

How’s your hero’s journey going?

What are we doing again?

Yes, I know, there are many amazing and awesome things and many metrics are the best they’ve ever been. Lots of things are also catastrophically shitty. Both are true.

What options are available to you?

After we’re done stopping the war we’ll need to rebuild Ukraine and go stop the other wars.

Understand the cost paid: The climate is collapsing alongside various aspects of our shared infrastructure and systems. We need to stop the war in Ukraine to prevent massive harm downstream from these events… where the worst of the climate collapse has yet to be found. All of the travel required by The Hawke Plan™ is a bad thing. This is perhaps the best of a bunch of terrible options so we need to make it count for something. This will be my last major trip until international travel is truly safe for the environment.

Loss is inevitable



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