Paragons: Dr. Vandana Shiva

A Potent Foil for a Failing Paragon

Image generated by Dall-E 2

Land is for living

I’ll spend a lot of this article criticizing Bill Gates instead of talking about Dr. Shiva. Don’t let that mislead you into thinking he’s more important to pay attention to. Many people will simply watch the above video and understand that Dr. Shiva is an absolute treasure of a human being with vitally important and well-informed views about nutrition, food, agriculture, culture, society, and humanity.

My hope is that this article, which I’m writing in service to Dr. Shiva, can be used in some small way to tear down some of the harmful influence and infrastructure resulting from Bill Gates efforts to shape the future of our shared global civilization.

If we fuck up where our food grows we’ll also probably fuck up where it doesn’t grow. (Generated by Dall-E 2 by Open AI through an unrelated prompt)

Inferior knock-offs are primarily designed for profit

It probably has to be ok to restrict the freedom of authoritarians because that’s what they put out into the world and options are limited. Ideally we wouldn’t need to do this but authoritarians keep starting it for some fucking reason. Billionaire corporatist oligarchs are authoritarians or authoritarian-adjacent. They will impose their will on you without a moments hesitation because that’s what they needed to do to reach their current level of power in the system where they claimed that power.

If your behaviour can be visualized this way you can fuck right off, buddy.

Bill Gates is an oligarch. Dr. Vandana Shiva is not.

Dr. Vandana Shiva can show us who needs food and how to grow it way better than Bill Gates can.



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