On Waves and Dimensions 3: The Roche Limit of Communities

What caused everything to break apart?

The North Pole of Saturn is a big honkin hexagon. Like it’s bigger than our whole planet.
“a surreal painting of visible gravitational waves connecting stellar objects”, Dall-E 2 by OpenAI
I think this is sort of where Dark Matter comes from but I don’t have a shitty whiteboard drawing for Dark Energy yet.
“a high quality pie chart clearly indicating a breakdown of the dimensions of reality”, Geez, thanks Dall-E.

Fun fact: 70,000 years ago a dim binary star system called Scholtz Star passed through our Oort cloud. If the orbit of the planets is your house then the edge of the Oort Cloud is your property line. 70,000 years ago a small star zipped through close enough that it would have been one of the brightest things in the sky for a while. Space is big and weird (and everywhere around us so we have to think about it). It didn’t get close enough to disrupt the planets but it disrupted some of the ice and rocks that float around out there at the edge of things. If it came close enough, even without directly colliding with any planets, it could have offset the delicate dancing balance holding everything here together in our solar system.


It’s not always cycles. Sometimes it’s waves.

Weird Wizarding Tip: Maybe we can imagine a big memeplex as a neutron star in the space of ideas rapidly spinning around itself — shooting out waves of memetic energy into the parapsychological ecosystem where parts or all of our minds exist? The waves originating from the memeplex seem to hit us in cycles. Which perspective is correct?

The hidden environments where we exist

I just had a thought about how if the sun wanted us to avoid stagnation it would dump erratic levels of energy at the planet in order to stimulate a variety of growth. If the sun couldn’t do that because the sun wasn’t designed to do that it could still be part of a system that is designed to do that — the scale of which currently exceeds our ability to measure and comprehend.



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