Magick is real and you are under attack

Before we start: The United States has given us evidence that we do not understand reality.

Update: I’ve rewritten this article after a solid year or so of wizarding:

This will be easier to read if you take a moment to understand some of the core elements of my perspective in order to see how I’ve come to this conclusion. I’ll start this article with some sections to explain my reasoning/logic. Being open to what can be described as an occult perspective might be really hard to do though because clearly I’m off to a pretty volatile start with that title. It might make sense to put on a science fiction/fantasy hat as you read through this.


I only started exploring metaphysics very recently and am still lacking in knowledge or experience. My hope is that this will be read by people who have more experience and knowledge than I do, and that they will support me by providing me with information or resources that they feel may be relevant.

I hope this article is viewed as a good faith exploration of a challenging subject by a well intended person.

Important note: A lot of this will use generalized content or terms I’m comfortable with as a lay-person because I’ve only just become focused on the subject of the occult and I don’t have the correct language yet. I didn’t intend to write something like this yet but yesterdays post seems to have led me to a rather profound conclusion. I need to explain that conclusion so that I can better explore it. If you’re new to Magick and looking to learn more (especially if you want to hear well-considered explanations for why we should be open to this, and how to explore it safely) I strongly recommend this FAQ and this site as a much better resource than anything I could possibly offer.

The Most Important Note: I’m writing this from a place of love and respect for the varied and amazing beliefs of all the amazing humans we share this planet with, including those who don’t believe in Magick because it presents as fundamentally ridiculous. I get it. In attempting to describe my thoughts I may reference something important to you as an individual or as a member of a group. When I do please understand that my intent is to show respect and I’m more than open to discussing why I may have failed to do so.

What is reality?

Question: What is Magick?

My answer: Energy or information which can be measured or described and does not appear bound to our understanding of science and physics.

Some personal notes about Magick relevant to this post:

  1. Magick is slow. Whatever this is, if it’s anything, it’s not going to be visible as the type of stuff we see in fantasy. People won’t be casting fireballs. Magick most often seems to occurs at a glacial pace in the context of our daily lives. Fast Magick is the type of Magick that can be mimicked through deception.
  2. Occult practices, that is to say ritual where Magick is explored, have been around for longer than organized religion.
  3. Religion is a form of Magick. For most of our history as a civilization it has been the most powerful form of Magick. It still is and individuals in secular parts of the world aren’t aware of the scope and impact of Magick because they live primarily within systems that do not adequately value the spiritual or metaphysical facets of life. (Note: I’m not advocating for a non-secular world. I will be a proponent of a secular society for the rest of my life. I just think there’s more to life than how we run society.)
  4. Magick appears to be able to happen despite the intent of the person who is engaging in the behaviour which results in the Magickal energy or information.
  5. It’s possible for groups of people to engage in ritual Magick and influence their environments and societies.
  6. It’s very hard for Magick to cause anything to happen. Magick is a process in some combination of matter and energy that influences the existing processes of matter or energy, as opposed to something that is an origin of energy.
  7. Some things that look like Magick aren’t Magick, and vice versa. Magick exists at the intersection of many volatile elements of our society, including mental health issues, abusive behaviour, lies, deception, systems of power and culture.
  8. One of the measurable properties of Magick may be that it is resistant to being accurately measured. Yes, I know how this sounds. I’m also extremely skeptical of this dubious claim, but it’s worth keeping in mind because what I’m exploring appears irrational.
  9. Magick isn’t real if you always round down when assessing your belief. The 10,000 foot view of the occult landscape does not show that Magick is real because too much of what makes it seem real is wrong, mistaken, or deceptive. On closer inspection though I always seem to find a non-zero result of things that support my belief that Magick is real. It’s like how if aliens are real if even 1 UFO encounter is real.
  10. It might be easiest to view Magick as able to provide a “boost” to existing materialistic efforts (including cognition, physical exertion, or the creative process) but it seems like this becomes less likely the more you rely on it.

Some examples of Magick:

  1. An artists muse/the compulsion to create something in ways that feel externally influenced:
  2. Another version of the above: Some brands are Magick — sometimes.
  3. Some remote-viewing/ESP: This has been studied pretty heavily at various points in our past. The general consensus I seem to find among people who have done the work is that, to paraphrase from a number of different subject matter experts online, “there’s something there but we can’t rely on it”. It’s REALLY worth noting just how much material the CIA has released about this stuff:
  4. Large public events including prayer or the manifestation of faith-like behaviour through secular cultural practices like concerts and sporting events.
  5. Some people seem capable of increased Magickal capacity and many people try to fake it. David Bowie seems to have been Magickal (As an aside: If we discover Planet 9 we should name it David Bowie)

Our minds can’t fully process reality. The best efforts of our entire species, which represent an unimaginable quantity of spiritual and scientific exploration of the nature of reality, have failed to conclusively show us what reality “is”. Many people have different perspectives, many people feel their perspectives are accurate even though they are in obvious contradiction with others, so we can’t really say reality is “understood”.

We use myth and language to tell stories about reality so that our minds can make sense of what is required to keep us healthy and stable.

We are constantly experiencing physical forces that our senses cannot measure. Any random particle anywhere in the visible universe can be described as exerting gravitational force on you. You are physically connected to every aspect of every supernova and also to the most remote point of matter in all of creation. The impact of this individual force is essentially nothing — but it exists. It represents an element of a fundamental system that connects everything we know.

Science tells us that more of reality is hidden from us than is visible to us through our senses.

What is the nature of the attack we’re experiencing?

I want to start by saying I don’t believe it’s deliberate. I think maybe it can’t be deliberate at this scale. I think that a large and diverse collection of individuals and groups have been acting in ways along a logical progression of effort to modify the materialistic world and that key points of those efforts have interacted with the Magickal strata of reality in ways which have had unintended consequences.

Amplifications of energy. Dispersal of emotional states across unexpected distances. Countless small events changed to some extent by a process which may be occurring and may not be measurable. Large manifestations of illogical behaviour by groups and individuals.

I don't have the language for this yet. Please sign up to my Patreon (Update: patreon closed) if you want to support me in exploring this subject and get regular status updates. Please understand that when you read the following statement I am attempting to explore a description of the world rather than making an absolute claim about it. I don’t believe it’s possible to prove or disprove the following statement:

There is a Magickal glamour on the world.

It stops us from understanding what we’re seeing. It causes us to seek conflict and exacerbate harm.

It might only be happening because too many of us are convinced it can’t happen.

It only stops when we awaken to its existence. Our individual awakenings will be as diverse and complex as every individual among us.

Note about the author:

All of this might be complete bullshit. It feels right and wrong at the same time and if you don’t hold both of those views I think my position will present as somewhat incomprehensible to you. I remember that I used to just be on one side of this divide. I hope to maintain my position in the middle of the divide going forward rather than shift to the other side.

I’m going to write a bunch of books called An Imperfect Exploration of the History and Effects and Magic.

Thanks for reading. Check out this page for a good introduction to my writing (broken down by section)



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