Just do the impossible until it stops being impossible. It’s crazy until it works.

Advice from a wizard and nonviolent extremist. A message to Ethan Hawke.

These are extreme times unlike previous extreme times. Digital technology has only just begun to disrupt our civilization and the consequences are increasingly unpredictable — this despite our use of the best mechanisms of prediction ever invented by our technological infrastructure.

This is an epochal moment in the development of our shared global civilization and we are failing.

“Just do the impossible until it stops being impossible. It’s crazy until it works.” by my friend Dall-E2

Shitty things are getting worse faster than good things are getting better.

Ethan Hawke has a plan to do something about this. Maybe it looks crazy — because it’s in response to a problem that’s crazy — but in the spaces of reality where the problem it’s trying to solve exists it appears like a viable solution.

I’m all-in on The Hawke Plan™

This is exactly the type of collaborative creative thinking that is inclusive of a variety of perspectives — and based in inspirational moments from our shared history — that is capable of creating inspirational moments for our shared future. There needs to be infrastructure capable of supporting people like Greta Thunberg and now, I guess, Ethan Hawke.

People with big bold ideas that are about something more than what’s tearing us all apart.

Sorry about this promo but it’s very relevant:

I’ve created a paid Substack for audio and video content. I want to keep my writing here on Medium because I’m happy with the user experience (edit: lol) and very happy with the community. Doing a different form of content under a different incentive structure on a different platform seems worth pursuing if it compliments what I write without locking away important information, and I’m charging the least amount Substack will let me charge. My intent is that I put non-critical premium content there. If a thinktank or company wants to hire me to do this I’d prefer to do it all as publicly and openly as possible.

Why is this promo relevant?

Unexpectedly: my brand new Substack account got access to the Substack Video beta program so I used the opportunity to record a quick video message to Ethan Hawke (who I met once).

See? Relevant.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my Substack and supporting my efforts financially. I’ll be doing audio-only readings of my poetry and articles, I’ll be doing some sort of ad hoc video content like the above one, and maybe I’ll be doing some interviews. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Thank you for your support here, I hope you can support me there but I understand if that’s not an option.

You can learn more about my work here:


Here’s a new global ritual capable of augmenting The Hawke Plan™:



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