It’s all an obvious long-term NATO strategy that uses Putins limited options against him, right?

Stop hitting yourself.

Before we begin: I’ve got such a boner for democracy that I invented my own form of democratic governance so miss me with any pro-autocracy bullshit.

Who wants this?

The Fight Against Autocrats™

The following message is for a small group of long-lived US contrarians (you know who you are): Look at how you need to debase yourselves again to offer your contrarian viewpoint. It’s the same as it was with Iraq despite the wars being completely different from a US perspective.

Who wants this?

Not everyone is losing

History seems to show us that times like these move slow until they move fast.

Who wants this?

Putin is the enemy Americans can focus on instead of fixing their own shit, but since he’s not actually to blame for most of the shit happening to Americans all that can come from this is disappointment and increased conflict. Putins Price Hike™ was barely functional propaganda — which shows us how much things are deteriorating in US systems of influence and power.

“The Holy NATO Empire”, Dall-E2 by OpenAI

The Future



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