As a result of the fact that I’m getting paid for this work: my working job title is Esoteric Technologist. This doesn’t seem to be heavily populated online and after examining the existing references to the term it seems apt.

Someone I don’t know who I’ve never met or heard of is supporting me on Patreon… so I think I can actually say that means my job is whatever I’m doing on Patreon?

I guess that makes me a Wizard.

Honestly this is all pretty on-brand.

It’s a ridiculous claim that I needed to approach with a skeptical mind but then, upon review of the evidence, I felt confident in saying that it’s some kind of honest and accurate. Accepting it as accurate required an acceptance of unknown components of the strata of reality and an ability to mesh this irrational view with our rational world in a viable way (Which I’ve been discussing elsewhere in this publication at length and in interesting ways).

An attempt at playfulness in the face of the seriousness of the world was also required. Not everyone will share this view or accept this position. I didn’t used to hold this view and used to be standing over there! [waves hands vaguely in some random direction]

This seems to have been accomplished imperfectly but that’s ok because everything is probably imperfect (or perfect!). I am stating, imperfectly and with some awkward hesitation, that I am now a wizard.

That’s wild! Before we move on let’s review our definition of Magick:

Energy or information which can be measured or described and does not appear bound to our understanding of science and physics.

I don’t think I could get to credibly claim to be a professional wizard unless Magick is real because it doesn’t make sense that I could do that credibly in a world without Magick. This is clearly both an illogical conclusion and Magickal thinking, but also accurate in some weird and frustrating way.

Now… obviously not everyone agrees that this is Magick because (say this loudly and frequently): many things are the result of many things and everything is very complicated!

I believe this path is credible not because I have conclusively proved Magick is real but because I believe there is enough uncertainty about the nature of reality to merit the exploration of: “Energy or information which can be measured or described and does not appear bound to our understanding of science and physics.” (A definition I first proposed in this article.)

UFO/UAP are Magick. They’ll stop being Magick when we understand them. We don’t understand them. The evidence we have of them is proof of Magick. They represent unknown physical technology powered through unknown means.

What about unknown psychological technology powered through unknown means? This exists! Group prayer is psychological technology. The CIA spent a bunch of time and money demonstrating that remote viewing is “real” and super inefficient + impractical.

I don’t know what this all means but I know enough to understand that it’s enough of an accurate and valid statement to be the foundation for more thought.

Update 2022: I deleted my Patreon and social media channels. I don’t think that approach is compatible with my intentions. I can now be hired through this process:



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