If we scapegoat Donald Trump for things he didn’t cause by justifying it as punishment for the heinous bullshit he did cause we’ll fuck up our ability to handle the things he didn’t cause.

Pay fucking attention.

The Fight Against Donald Trump

Here are some Truths about Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump is a media and real estate oligarch.
  • Donald Trump is part of the media and real estate oligarchy and is compromised by that association to some extent just like all of the other media and real estate oligarchs.
  • Donald Trump was the victim of disingenuous or illegal efforts to stymie his progress and he knows his opponents feel this is justified due to the evidently poor nature of his character, associations, and behaviour.
  • Donald Trump expects people to commit crimes against him because he commits crime against them.
  • Donald Trump spent most of his life as a member of the neoliberal elite.
  • Donald Trump turned against the neoliberal elite when they turned against him for playing a character that was on the opposite side of the nascent Culture War.
  • Donald Trump is one of the most insecure people in the history of television.
  • Donald Trump has always been at the intersection of a significant amount of unethical behaviour or crime.
  • Donald Trump has a long history of turning against people he previously supported, and the intensity of his support and rejection always performatively stretch to the extremes of what’s possible.

A lot of stuff is very weird

On Rene Girard

This was a great interview about the subject by Rebel Wisdom

If the US can’t agree on a scapegoat? Civil war 2™



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