If we scapegoat Donald Trump for things he didn’t cause by justifying it as punishment for the heinous bullshit he did cause we’ll fuck up our ability to handle the things he didn’t cause.

Pay fucking attention.

Here are some Truths about Donald Trump

Disclaimer: I generate a reality distortion field. I think it’s something about density of ideas in ways we haven’t imagined how to measure yet.

A lot of stuff is very weird

This was a great interview about the subject by Rebel Wisdom

If the US can’t agree on a scapegoat? Civil war 2™

On a personal note: If you can find a viable/practical way to scapegoat me personally as a result of any of my various projects in order to inspire the type of collective catharsis we need to achieve in order to generate the energy required to break through the absolutely crushing spiritual gridlock that’s increasingly blanketing our civilization: go to town. I don’t think it’s doable because I don’t think scapegoating can truly be effective, but I’m wrong about a bunch of stuff.



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