How many of the people who know things are falling apart are going to do something about it?

Some can’t, some won’t, some shan’t.

Look how time flies

Yes hello I would like a ticket to sad please.

The two most highly engaged professional groups in this struggle on the internet are scientists and comedians and they can’t agree on anything right now, or even among themselves, so that’s a bit of a problem.

It would be easiest to simply ignore the US but we can’t because of how powerful they are. Most of the people impacted by the decisions of the US government can’t vote on the decisions of the US government.

Congrats on this horrid state of affairs I guess.

The collective psyche of the Yanks is pretty measurable and well-measured at this point… and it’s in the shitter.

I’m going on hiatus

I’m gonna go spend as much time as I can stoned in the woods.



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