How many of the people who earn money and influence telling us things are out of control are actually providing us with a real plan?

Coming up with plans is hard and the best ones will be the most collaborative.

Someone on Twitter said they thought I was listing these as accomplishments. I don’t view them that way and I’m glad that was pointed out to me. I appreciate the discussion that followed. What have I accomplished? Ideas without support or development cannot sustain themselves. My audience is virtually non-existent and I’ve never found success promoting any of this. An objective analysis of my history with these projects would seem to indicate that my main accomplishment appears to have been showing people what not to do.

I’m going to write a book about this. You can support me on Patreon and help me write this book. Maybe that’ll be an accomplishment.

I developed a social media platform. I imagined an inclusive social movement as well as a new religious movement. None of it is copyrighted or designed to require me, it’s all open source, the social movement is democratic, and the new religious movement doesn’t include a joining ritual.

I spent a few years building an open source Software as a Service (SaaS) product and building a brand around it.

The problem I’m trying to solve is an obvious one.

Connection and growth: How important are the forces that keep galaxies connected with one another?

You are not the target market for this product.

The world doesn’t need me to be a spiritual leader.

This startup had one of the weirdest stealth modes in history.

We need our systems to better empathize with us.

Influencers are avatars for human energy.

Why do I think I have any right to say this?

Something like this can work. All we need to do is use what we’re using slightly differently.

You need to do more about this.

Do more.



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