Gone Fishin’

I’m going on hiatus again so it’s time to review this past season.

This is one of the reasons the nature of our society is currently so harmful to us: We have systems that allow us to build up tension that are far more accessible or compulsory than the ones which allow us to release it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking my content matters. This is why I can always just walk away whenever I need to. I’m mostly just doing this for me now that I’m off social media.

Is life lived in sprints?

Seasons of Change

I’m also a big fan of having a theme:

Season Recap

There’s never anything wrong with Googling something to make sure you know it/are prepared.

Season details

A recap and reintroduction

I got access to the closed Dall-E2 beta

Here’s the best example of my work combining poetry and AI image creation:

I decided to get into the prediction game

The world continued to be weird and deteriorate

Connections increased content

I had a number of breakthroughs in my discernment of reality

The Hawke Plan™

Preview of next season

What does hiatus mean?



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