Follow these steps to become a kind of bonkers

Warning: See title.

Hello. I don’t think this causes you to become a bad kind of bonkers— but it can feel that way because of how fucked up the world has become. You may already be this kind of bonkers. I strongly urge you to follow these steps with other people. Preferably a variety of them.

Maybe let’s go fucking bonkers together for a change.

Warning: Don’t go this kind of bonkers in the way pictured in this picture.

Ok here are the steps to going this kind of bonkers:

  1. Realize that the United States government is repeatedly telling us about incursions into the airspace of our planet by advanced technological systems which can only point to our collective systems of power and elite institutions being wrong, or misleading us, about a bunch of really big things.
  2. Realize that the CIA has been telling us for decades that parapsychological phenomena are real.
  3. Spend a bit of time looking into the variety and nature of the phenomena, using a multidisciplinary approach, and recognize that there are undiscovered physics of consciousness. I’m not going to share anything because you need to find this yourself and it won’t take you very long to find once you actually go looking for it.
  4. Recognize that parapsychological phenomena are absolutely real even if many individual cases are not.
  5. Consider the nature of reality where parapsychological phenomena must operate and come to the conclusion that there must be undiscovered physics of consciousness which have the capability of interacting with or influencing all human minds in ways that are a natural part of the environment where we evolved (which could mean some really weird shit).
  6. Come to the conclusion that this has been the case all throughout history.

That’s it! Congrats on becoming bonkers. It may not have hit you yet.

I don’t have any advice on how to go farther than that because I think a lot of the steps I took after I became this kind of bonkers were missteps. Instead of figuring out the nature of reality I seem to have committed myself to following Ethan Hawke into Ukraine. I already had a lot of complicated baggage before I became this kind of bonkers though.

The main thing to realize here is that the type of bonkers you want to land on is something like “reality is different than we all act and most of our systems are out of alignment with it in ways that are evident — and we can use this information to correct their flaws.”

This is a challenge we all share. So we probably wanna deal with a bunch of it all at once in a big way.

Some Options:

Psychedelics seems to be capable of enabling a real shift in how human minds handle the type of existential and ontological uncertainty which arises from a deep awareness of the type of information I shared earlier that caused you to go bonkers. There are also more traditional options relating to psychology, religion, or spirituality.

Maybe there should be more options or maybe they can be better presented to us. Jessica Bovee has an interesting article exploring why these options aren’t available to us.

I read that article while working on this one. It’s a great intro to a subject we all need to spend a bunch of time learning more about. It’s good for us to understand some of the political or systemic manifestations of the interaction of our shared civilization on whatever undiscovered physics of consciousness which may exist around us.

Don’t face this shit alone and don’t wait for it to sneak up on you.



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