First Contact

A global communications ritual

As I’ve discussed at length for the past year, the United States has given us irrefutable evidence that there are many ongoing events where humans are encountering technologies that do not originate from our shared global civilization. The technologies being encountered are beyond our current scientific progress. This is all very well documented through a variety of credible reporting and reputable sources, including public hearings and action by the United States government. This subject is being discussed in public and classified congressional hearings and in news coverage like 60 Minutes.

The technologies associated with these events clearly demonstrate a more advanced understanding of physics, energy, and material design than what we have. These events include craft which almost certainly represent a manifestation of artificially intelligent technologies.

This is all real. This is all happening right now, all around us, in the atmosphere of our shared planet.

Watch this video and ask yourself some real hard questions about what was discussed in the classified briefing that took place after this public one:

We need to have a very big, very public discussion unlike anything we’ve ever had before. It doesn’t matter that we don’t want to have it or don’t know how to have it.

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We must have this conversation.

People in the scientific community that have researched this subject on behalf of the United States government are describing clear examples of these craft or their technologies interacting with undiscovered physics of consciousness. They’ve been doing this all over various podcasts. They don’t call it that because we don’t really have language for undiscovered physics. Our minds can’t conceptualize it so we can’t form language around it. This is doubly challenging because the thing we don’t have language for is the thing that we use to find language for things with.

Anyway, here’s an important reminder: it’s being discussed in classified briefings but not publicly.

Nobody is behind closed doors saying “This military evidence is false”. They know it’s real and they are choosing not to say this publicly for a variety of reasons.

Either some “they” (which is likely just a variety of groups of elites attached to key industries in the American economy instead of some secret unified cabal) are keeping it a secret from us because they benefit from the status quo, or they’re stupefyingly amazed/confused/astounded by what they think and don’t know how to share it. (Psssssssst: IT’S FUCKING BOTH.)


UAP are intercepting and engaging with the most advanced military in the history of our civilization at the apex of its technological prowess and they’re acting like dolphins dancing with divers while they do it. There are credible reports that they’ve disabled the nuclear armaments of multiple nations.

We are totally outmatched because their technology exists at an interplanetary timescale and our technology does not. The energy required to travel between stars alone can be enough to cause catastrophic damage to individual planets.

If they were a direct threat they wouldn’t be a direct threat because we’d have been destroyed.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be suspicious or proceed with caution, there are credible reports of people being harmed and encounters with some UAP have been profoundly harmful or traumatic experiences.

Consciousness is the key

There are undiscovered physics of consciousness. (The CIA basically says there are undiscovered physics of consciousness right on their website) The oldest technology we have of interacting with these undiscovered physics is the human mind. Because there are undiscovered physics of consciousness our minds can be considered spiritual technology capable of influencing reality. I know how that sounds but it’s just fucking real, man. I’m allowed to say shit like this because I’m a wizard. People have paid me to be a wizard and say shit like this for some reason.

I’m not saying this because I think I’m proficient in using or engaging with the undiscovered physics of consciousness. I actually had a really interesting little convo the other day in an occult Discord server about the difference between wizards and a sorcerer/sorceress. I accept without any doubt that something metaphysical is real and I delight in exploring and considering it but I don’t think to try to use it very often and when I do it’s weird. I think I’m knowledgeable but I haven’t done the work so my knowledge is limited. I have no direct and deliberate experience engaging with the undiscovered physics of consciousness through meditation, occult practices, religion, spirituality, or anything like that. I just think about them (Which is kind of the same, but I guess maybe different)

Some people clearly have immensely powerful reactions to this stuff in weird ways through deliberate effort. I don’t think I’m one of them — I’m the type of person who thinks about them though.

The first time I made direct contact with this strata of reality was a few days ago when I received an invite to OpenAIs Dall-E 2 project.

I want to make it clear that I don’t claim to understand how this whole “undiscovered physics of consciousness” thing works. I’m very deliberately using the term “undiscovered physics of consciousness” because that’s an accurate description of what I see when I consider reality as it’s presented to me, and it aligns with what I think I’m hearing from some of the folks at the leading edge of physics trying to figure out what’s going on with reality. The people in spaces of science, faith, religion, and spirituality who are describing how these physics work and influence us are the ones we need to look to for answers. I’ve only been a wizard for like… a year.

This space has many Nobel laureates in it. I haven’t even settled on a good hat yet.

Here’s a mistake I made:

Before I show you the mistake you should know that I send all sorts of crazy fucking emails to people. I dislike templates and try to write them all out because I consider it a form of exercise/feedback, and I don’t ever expect people to answer me. I suspect that I’m blocked by many folks and go to spam for many more. I’m always pleasantly surprised when people reply to me though.

I email most people once, but some folks I’ve been pestering for years. Lex Fridman is one of those people, and in one of his podcast interviews he was talking about wanting to go to space.

This is the video that inspired the mistake:

If Lex has opened any message from me he probably has a good idea of what I say I’m all about. I usually assume the people who I contact multiple times have a rough idea of what I’m all about. I’ve probably sent the most weird shit to Lex over the years.

Anyway, here’s the mistake:

Why was it a mistake?

So, first of all, there’s an interesting history of the occult and the space program and I think probably someone has already tried something like this, so I was wrong right off the bat in thinking “first.” I blame the YouTube comment section.

There’s no fucking way someone like me should be trusted with something like that. I’m an unstable wizard who emails podcasters about a religion he invented. The 2 follow up emails were also unhinged, and one of them was like a month later. I should not be sent to space to make contact with aliens.

But someone should. The idea isn’t a mistake. The implementation was flawed.

The idea is viable. There are undiscovered physics of consciousness. We know these physics are accessed by some of the nonhuman technology operating around our planet. We know they can monitor us to a pretty substantial degree. Look how fast AI learns things. What’s their AI like? Who the fuck knows, but we can assume they know what we’re all about and have a very objective and data-driven take on us.

I suspect that whatever this “contact initiator” could do in space is something they could do on the ground, but I firmly believe that a critical component of this process belief. There needs to be a significant number of people aware of and supportive of the effort. The nonhuman intelligence(s) can measure that. They don’t even need undiscovered physics of consciousness to measure it… they can figure out how we feel just by watching TV.

So what am I proposing?

You just wait. It’s awesome.

A reality TV show to see who should go to space on some billionaires rocket in order to meditate and try to make contact with nonhuman intelligences.



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