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If the internet can make something like this happen it ain’t all bad

They’re a big fucking deal in the US Government:

(I know this doesn’t look like a big fucking deal but that’s because the people whose job it is to promote it are doing their job poorly)

They’re a big fucking deal on 60 Minutes:

This video isn’t available everywhere in the world because the network that created this content made a shitty decision.

They’re a big deal according to me (the unofficial Wizard of Canada):

I’m just some wackjob on the internet though so I totally understand if the last one isn’t all that compelling to you.

BIG DEALS!!!!!!!!!1111

We need to think about how we’ll learn about this. (Image generated by Dall-E2 by OpenAI)

These events seem likely to connect us to a bunch of really wild shit that we’re probably incapable of adequately preparing for so we probably just need to get as well informed as possible and do the best we can to support each other.

Generated by Dall-E2 by Open AI



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