Discovering Magick seems to require deconstructing biases

Before we start: Magick is real and you are under attack.

What happens when a large group of people are exposed to Magick and discuss it without understanding that it’s Magick?

I was reading through one of the new Subreddits I’ve started frequenting as I learn more about esoteric things and occult practices when I came upon this message:

Preface: It was appropriate for the community, well received, and received constructive and helpful engagement.


There was a time in my life when I would have read this with less than healthy intent. I’m not saying this in order to pass judgement to people who don’t understand what is being presented in this message. I totally get not getting this, although I don’t support the people who judge it in harmful, unreasonable, or biased ways.

I also sincerely hope that this attempt to find support by the original poster is matched by other efforts along more traditional means. I’m a big fan of being practical and redundant in all circumstances, this stuff included I guess.

It’s very easy to look at this situation and think that none of this is reality.


This is all very real. Every word in that message is real. It describes someone's lived experience and perception of reality. It’s a very real attempt to find support from a likeminded community and, most notably, the community reacted favourably and helpfully when seeing this message.

What does it mean when an outsider rejects this reality? To the person who lives this reality? To the participants of it? What kind of outcome can come from that form of expenditure of energy? There are psychological considerations to be made about the negative impact of thoughts like that on the holder of those thoughts — are there also spiritual or Magickal ones?

The internet is only becoming more diverse across complex ideological grounds.

You need to have learned a lot before you can understand that message. What does it mean when you respond to it or judge that person without understanding it?

The more time I spend looking at this the more I become confident that one of the ways Magick harms people who don’t believe in it is by exacerbating the negative impact of Magickal circumstances to which they are exposed. For example: I suspect that someone who reads the above comment, or maybe this post, and reacts in a deliberately negative, close-minded, ignorant, judgmental, or biased way may be at risk of experiencing additional psychological harm beyond what could be expected from engaging in that form of negative and harmful behaviour towards another human.

But maybe not.

Regardless: The full content of that message is inaccessible to many of the people who can read all of the words present.

A lot of what’s referenced in this message is stuff that, frankly, I don’t understand yet. I’m open to it though. I’m so, so curious. There’s ideas and imagery and history and perspective based on insight and collaboration.

This may be intended to be a Magickal act. I don’t know if it had a Magickal effect. That’s one of the problems with Magick if it’s a thing and it exists the way I’m describing it (which can’t be proven — although I think it’s real).

I believe that Magick can manifest or exacerbate mental health crises but that mental health crisis happen most commonly for non-Magickal reasons. I do not believe the person in the screenshot above is expressing a mental health crisis. I believe they’re using their logic and their culture to discuss a manifestation of a mental health crisis.

Things to consider about mental health and Magick:

The general public seems to overattribute mental health crises when compared to mental health professionals. If this is true it seems that this would represent a bias we can work toward understanding.

What is the simplest description of good mental health for the purpose of this research? I think, for now: The consistent ability of our consciousness to process and understand the experiences presented to us by the world in a healthy way.

Is it a mental health crisis when the person in the stages of a mental health crisis disagrees ? Sometimes. Is it a mental health crisis when the person judging it as a crisis reject core elements of the lived reality and experiences of the person being examined? I don’t know.

There’s so much more to learn

I think the key to understanding Magick will be in understanding our biases around it. The more time I spend on this still relatively short journey the more it becomes evident that I must interview others and join or grow a community of like-minded explorers.

Please consider supporting me on my Patreon. You can also join up in a way that tells me you’re critical of my efforts or an outright cynic. If you’re on the fence: Take a leap of faith and sign up. Give me a month or two to build something as a launchpad for something bigger. You’ll get less content than a Disney+ subscription but it will be much more unique.

At the very least you will be supporting one of only a handful of efforts like this. This is a small marketplace of activity and your options are limited if you want to engage with it. I’m new to this, probably like you, and I represent a distinct skillset and level of experience. Putting myself into this type of professional situation has been challenging and harmful (which I expected and have tried to plan for). There are limited means of viably exploring these subjects in ways that align with my moral and economic value. I’m basically asking that you buy me a tray full of coffees per month.

On a related note: I suspect I’ll often receive the same type of criticism in these efforts, especially from people who aren’t reading the content I’m putting out and are reacting based purely on biases and lived experience. I don’t like ignoring those people but I recognize the difficulty in convincing someone who thinks I’m a grifter that I’m not. I’m going to try to keep a documented record of the instances in order to more efficiently understand and reply to them and also potentially for additional research into the impact of biases.

There is value in critical review and analysis even when it’s biased against you.



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