Cults are Bad.

So says the wizard who invented a religion on the internet.

Warning: I’m about to critique a “cult” in a way that relies on promoting a spiritual humanist movement I designed as a though experiment/profound religious experience. You’re gonna want to put on your hip waders and prepare for a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. As you’ll see: the thing I’m presenting here could also form a cult or inspire cult-like behaviour. But hey, so can brands. Capitalism is the most powerful tool we’ve developed for creating cults.

“CULTS ARE BAD!”, yelled the angry wizard on the internet.

This looks like a bunch of assholes doing shady shit:

The Fight Against Secularism

If by some chance someone from FoF reads this: You and your friends can’t form a well-intended fellowship if you’re doing your shit in the shadows without the consent of the people you’re influencing. That’s what the bad guys do. Your approach is wrong or your intent is false. Which is it and how will you change?



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