Conspiracy Analysis: Was there a significant Covid-19 outbreak in Nova-Scotia (Canada) over a month before the first presumptive cases were declared in the region?

If there was: when did the government learn about it? How big was it? Who kept it a secret?

If you’re wondering: I support vaccination campaigns, don’t think they can ever be successfully made mandatory for a virus like this (nor should they due to considerations relating to emergent social conflict), and I believe that skewed corporate interests and professional negligence of seemingly reputable healthcare professionals have compromised huge swaths of our ability to roll out a trustworthy and respectable vaccination campaigns at the global level.

Liars and heroes? Heroes and liars? It’s definitely both and that sucks. Everything is very complicated.

Before we begin: Why does it matter?

It would be so fucking easy to be so fucking disappointed in so many people, including myself, if I wasn’t a boundless font of eternal love or some shit.

OK, so: How do I know there was an outbreak?

This is probably the most deliberate altar I have. Front and center is evidence of one of the most significant battles I’ve ever waged (which was, it turns out, the second battle in that particular war.)

I remembered.

I’ve had a few conversations over the past few years, including some folks I only know in a professional capacity, which have confirmed or alluded to the existence of this shadow pandemic.

I hate that I have to make such absolute statements about reality which fly in the face of what my government wants me to believe/say/think, by the way. Fuck having a government that expects this of us and fuck the system that keeps putting this bullshit in front of us.

Is this deception harmful?

What happens if the way they present themselves and act in public is different from how they feel and behave in private? What happens to everything they represent?

The Fight Against Fascism

Where do we go from here?

This episode ended when all the heroes realized they were covered in shit and lying to themselves about it.

Next Steps (Please print on recycled paper and post)



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