Consciousness is a database

It’s where reality keeps all its stuff

I struggle with understanding how a bunch of the really weird but totally real stuff associated with the UAP phenomena can be… well… real.

Yes, some of it is real because there are undiscovered physics of consciousness. Some UFOs are real. Some psychic/parapsychological phenomena are real. Some cryptid/ultraterrestrial sightings are real. A bunch of it is bullshit though — so that muddles things.

A while ago I drew this shitty picture:

This isn’t what it is — it’s what I thought it was.

So that’s obviously really really wrong because there’s no way for my brain to do the correct version of it. That’s why it looks childish and stupid.

But also a bunch of it is correct.

I don’t know what’s correct about it because this is obviously nonsense — not science obviously — and I’m not qualified to do the sciencey version of it. But when I look at all of the really smart science people who are saying really smart stuff about reality and how everything works I see something like what’s in that shitty picture. A lot of that aligns with what the really smart people use to say before we had science — so that’s convenient.

Well, it will be when everyone clues in to it.

I understand computers and I project that onto reality

I’m often wrong or inaccurate and I’m definitely inelegant, but on the whole I think I’m pretty right about a bunch of the stuff I write about. It must be right because I’m writing it on the internet, but more importantly, because of who I was listening to when I formed these thoughts. And also because I’m a pretty good wizard.

This type of intuition and projection is the best way I have to understand reality — which is a thing I’m devoted to doing as some sort of wizardly pursuit. I’m trying to catch up on the science but it’s fucking overwhelming. Fortunately a bunch of folks have gone through here before me and they talk about it at length in science podcasts — and they write a whole lot. There’s a lot of stuff I can figure out based on my technical experience with systems and software, even in the absence of a formal philosophical or other relevant education.

Systems are systems. Inputs and outputs are inputs and outputs. Information is information. Right?

Don’t forget we’re not alone in the universe and we’re under active visitation. What have their systems been like? What systems do they see in the systems of reality beyond our understanding of reality? Remember: There is plenty of solid evidence for active visitation/contact events now and there’s plenty of credible evidence for it historically. It’ll be very interesting when we can compare our version of our journey of global self-discovery to those of other evolved planetary civilizations. It seems reasonable to assume they also had to progress through their understanding of science into the complex levels we’re now approaching — levels which seem conflicting with previous level for very understandable reasons.

As an aside: I sure wish they’d intervene more directly in our understanding of these complex truths in order to move us past this current state of crisis and conflict because that would save a bunch of lives. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be on the table for a variety of potential yet presumably unknown reasons.

Consciousness is where we keep our stuff

Close your eyes so you can’t see your screen. It’s still there in your hand because physical reality is a real thing, and it’s still there in your mind because your consciousness is where you keep your stuff.

There are undiscovered physics of consciousness and we need to discover them because they relate to the most personal and vital aspects of our living beings.

There is evidence of technologically advanced life in our ecosystem — which does not originate from our current ecosystem — and which seems capable of using advanced technologies that interface with the undiscovered physics of consciousness.

My money is on undiscovered physics of consciousness being capable of accessing alternate dimensions, realities, and times, because that’s all just stuff that consciousness is holding on to. Whatever energy tech is capable of powering the craft that are actually in our atmosphere right now that the US is talking about would need to be capable of leveraging these undiscovered technologies in order for them to have appeared here through non-relativistic means. (Basically: Scientists are right and faster than light travel is impossible so we just imagine our way around the problem with future tech. See? Everyone wins. UAP are evidence of this.)

Consciousness contains all possible combinations of ideas. It seems reasonable to conclude that physical reality is the same, so physical reality would be multiversal, right? I think that checks out but like this is a Medium article.

Consciousness is a database and a filter

It’s a database that contains everything it can contain and it can scan itself by using the technology of reality. It’s doing this nonstop all the time everywhere and the whole thing is so beautifully wobbly and messy enough that our individual database instances, our individual consciences, can share information directly through the space of consciousness independent of physical spaces. This is ESP. Some of it is real. It’s biological technology interfacing with the software of reality. Your body is biological technology interfacing with physical reality, your mind is its counterpart.

I find this fairly easy to accept because I also believe that many of the metaphysical events of religious and spiritual teachings, even conflicting ones, are representative of real events where individuals or environments interfaced with undiscovered physics of consciousness. I’ve written about how our society formed cognitive biases around seeing these metaphysical events here.

From where I’m standing that looks like the most accurate description of what’s happening to everyone everywhere… but also it looks like a lot of the folks who say stuff like this are pretty crazy… so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

Science fiction got here first because we imagine the future before we live in it.

Does anyone want to finish writing this paper?

I really don’t want to.

I’ve only written 7 pages, 3 of which are the skeleton/layout for where I want to add content.

Please reach out if you want to take over that paper.

Please contact me if you need to hire a wizard. Thanks for reading.



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