Consciousness is a database

It’s where reality keeps all its stuff

Yes, some of it is real because there are undiscovered physics of consciousness. Some UFOs are real. Some psychic/parapsychological phenomena are real. Some cryptid/ultraterrestrial sightings are real. A bunch of it is bullshit though — so that muddles things.

This isn’t what it is — it’s what I thought it was.

As an aside: I sure wish they’d intervene more directly in our understanding of these complex truths in order to move us past this current state of crisis and conflict because that would save a bunch of lives. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be on the table for a variety of potential yet presumably unknown reasons.

My money is on undiscovered physics of consciousness being capable of accessing alternate dimensions, realities, and times, because that’s all just stuff that consciousness is holding on to. Whatever energy tech is capable of powering the craft that are actually in our atmosphere right now that the US is talking about would need to be capable of leveraging these undiscovered technologies in order for them to have appeared here through non-relativistic means. (Basically: Scientists are right and faster than light travel is impossible so we just imagine our way around the problem with future tech. See? Everyone wins. UAP are evidence of this.)

Consciousness is a database and a filter

Does anyone want to finish writing this paper?

I’ve only written 7 pages, 3 of which are the skeleton/layout for where I want to add content.



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