Announcing the First Conference of Common Understandings and Shared Ontologies

I guess this is me planting a banner in the middle ground and calling for a democratic mega-metanalysis

What is a Shared Ontology?

Given our limited technological advancement every major ontology available to us right now (whether religious, social, scientific, economic, etc ) requires some form of faith.

Image generated by Dall-E 2 by OpenAI
Uncharted territories are smashing into one another with alarming speed. (Image generated by Dall-E 2 by Open AI)

What do I mean by a Conference?

nerd (Generated by Dall-E2)

We need to talk about everything we can talk about in a way that we’ve never done before and we need to do it quickly.

How we normally figure things out doesn’t work right now.

This was a seminal conversation:
Credit: Aella

Data collection and community building are critical

Things are only getting messier. (Generated by Dall-E through an unrelated prompt)

What am I proposing?

None of this project can be bullshit because everyone is so fucking tired of all the bullshit.

The Conference is iterative and ongoing

What do we know? What have we figured out? How can we figure more things out? What can we do with any of it?

What’s next?



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