I am the unofficial Wizard of Canada.

If you want the title just let me know and you can have it. I haven't had the title for very long.

(That's me before I was a wizard. [I was still pretty weird])


What's a wizard?

Some people think wizarding exists in the spaces of metaphysics, history, culture, science, technology, faith, and mysticism. I think thinking is wizardry. Something like wizardry is an esoteric practice with a long variety of traditions in many regions and throughout many cultures.

(That checks out 🤷‍♂️ Sorry. I'm working on it.)


What else makes me a wizard?

I see significant evidence for the existence of undiscovered physics of consciousness, and I see that massive cognitive biases in our shared systems of science are preventing the mainstream from accepting this truth. I'm trying to use art and science to highlight the true nature of reality. I'm trying to do this collaboratively.

Yes, I'm making a bunch of big bold and extreme claims and publicly engaging in extremely challenging thought expieriments (I'm a nonviolent extremist and believe that nonviolent extremism is now required to address a number of the shared challenges we face). I'm doing all of this in responce to what's being said by people way more reputable, credible, and influential than I am about a wide variety of subjects relating to our shared civilization and the extremely concerning future that appears to be barreling towards us.

All of my efforts are an echo intended to amplify what I've been given.


Here's a haiku about it (More about my poetry later):

Imposter Syndrome

I didn’t do this

All those who inspired me did

I just tagged along -----------------------------

Anyway here's a bunch of stuff I've done or thought that makes me a wizard:


There are undiscovered physics of consciousness. Something about reality interfaces with something about our subjective experiences in ways which allows for some quantity of real metaphysical events. We need to understand how this functions because it impacts all of our minds. It's where part or all of our minds exist.


History & Culture

There are undiscovered physics of consciousness. They've always existed and have always been present in our shared history, but their manifestations change because they are influenced by the nature of consciousness and the quality of the cultural ecosystem sustaining it.


Science & Technology

Systems analysis and design is an invaluable skill for a wizard. I'm a high quality software engineer, product manager, and have taught college and university courses. I also believe in Magick. Our best theories about reality tell us that we don't know what most of reality is. There are undiscovered physics of consciousness. I've spent a bunch of time imagining new technologies including digital, psychological, and mystical ones.

Also, maybe this is a thing? 🤷‍♂️

Update: July 18th 2022 - It's definitely a thing.

----------------------------- Mysticism

I wrote a book of poetry that includes many poems about faith, spirituality, and mysticism:

I think a lot about ideas


I want Ethan Hawke to bring me to Ukraine:


I discerned a new form of faith

This was back in 2018/2019. I invented a nontheistic techno-pagan spiritual humanist movement which strongly prioritizes helpfulness and consent.

I made a social media platform

I designed and developed an open source social media platform intended to amplify the efforts of the movement. Its use can reduce or prevent income inequality, and the data it generates can be used to show Artificial Intelligence how to want to help us.


Thanks for Reading!

As you can see I have a wide variety of experience and a broad focus in my approach to being a wizard. My skillset is diverse and distinct, and I'm able to operate rationally in irrational spaces.

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