A New Global Ritual: The Next Great Pilgrimage

Using esoteric knowledge to augment The Hawke Plan™

So Ethan Hawke wants us all to follow the Pope to Ukraine in order to stop the war and I wanna go with him. I think a bunch of us should and I think this event can be what we use to turn a bunch of gnarly shit around before it becomes unimaginably horrible bullshit.

I’d like to once more commend him for his innovative thinking and bold approach. We need more of that. I’ve been trying to change things for a long time and it’s really fucking hard to do.

If the world needs saving: Saving the world is a project we all need to manage. (It looks like the world needs saving.)

The project of saving the world involves solving shared challenges that are all quite evident, very difficult to describe and agree upon, and which vary greatly in scope. We have limited timelines to solve some of these shared challenges. We might only get one chance to solve some of them — we just don’t know.

Please stop panicking

There’s panic in the air. We overhear whispered mentions of decreased stability. We experience more conversations that trail off. We know how we feel about the increasing number of ones that don’t even start.

We go to our shared media and are presented with incessant statements designed to illicit a strong emotional response from us or, even worse, the dismissive and counterproductive declarations that everything is fine or hopeless with no acknowledgement or understanding of the practical reality of the ongoing degradation of global systems that keep our lives stable. All of this is sustained by the energy of an incentive structure primarily concerned with the selling of advertisements.

Our entertainment media lies to us and forgets to show us what happens after the credits roll so we never learn to move forward. People like Ethan Hawke or Russell Brand aren’t supposed to be out in the world doing real things. That’s not how the status quo is maintained.

We’ve consumed our doom and manifested it among our communities but at least the special effects were badass

Eventually they’ll put Winnie The Pooh in Star Wars and THAT’S the narrative that’ll bring us all together — I’m sure of it.

We need to talk about and move towards hopeful things or we’ll destroy ourselves. I’m all in on The Hawke Plan™ and I think we should use this opportunity to try and address a bunch of other things. If we do things right we can probably address, or at least start to approach, a bunch of big problems at once.

This isn’t suitable to solve all of our problems but it sure as shit can put a big dent in a bunch of them.

Global Ritual:

The Next Great Pilgrimage

People who are dissatisfied with their lives, the conditions to their existence, or the nature of the world, can make a pilgrimage to Ukraine alongside the Pope and Ethan Hawke to help bring the war to and end and usher in a new age of healing with less horrible bullshit. We need to stop a lot of the horrible bullshit that’s happening or it will destroy us — this effort can achieve that. We can go to Ukraine to rebuild the country and in doing so we will rebuild ourselves.

People who don’t want to make this pilgrimage but understand its value can support those that will. Families and communities can use this opportunity to assess their levels of cohesion following extended periods of prolonged social conflict with limited public support. Some family members may choose to leave home in this effort and those people will need deliberate, focused support if possible.

While everyone who can goes to Ukraine to stop the war we can use the internet to talk about what we’re going to do next.

When the war is over we will have a census of just how many people are dissatisfied with how our world is run (and had the privilege to speak up.) The number will be far greater than what we see and the number is likely far greater than many people will expect.

Only time will tell, and only if we have the resolve to do something more than write about shit on the internet and complain on podcasts and talk shows.

“The Next Great Pilgrimage” by my friend Dall-E

This is a dangerous solution in dangerous times

The world is a hard place for refugees. This plan will result in the creation of many refugees all over the world simultaneously with the goal of getting them into a war zone. It’s madness of course.

This mass of people will contain a huge group of rebels and reactionaries, dissidents and deviants, and they will be walking towards the largest nuclear arsenal in the world — commanded by someone who many people currently describe as insane and is leading a military perpetrating countless atrocities.

We have to say all of that stuff out loud so we know how to prepare for what we’re walking into.

There are many reasons to want to go on this pilgrimage and it can only be successful if we reject the type of conflict that can tear it apart in favor of the type of solidarity that can enable its success. Our culture is a minefield of tropes designed to amplify performative behaviour at the expense of practical outcomes and we must shed all of that aside in order to work collaboratively on this.

Sometimes you don’t have time to grab a parachute

I’m a wizard, and before that I was an artist, and before that I was a human very confusingly inventing a religion. I did this because a bunch of very credible people were saying many concerning things about how things were getting worse and would get very bad. There was a wide variety of diverse voices making these claims.

Pursuing this course of action didn’t make a whole lot of sense but I did it anyway. Unlike Elon Musk with his plans and education and competence and support and money and hair I just grabbed everything I could, hauled it out to my backyard, built the minimum viable launch vehicle capable of carrying it all, and launched myself right the fuck up into the sky. I’ve been careening through the air for years smashing up against things and grabbing bits of parts and trying to keep it all going.

Sometimes I crash and steal shit from peoples yards.

Instability is both terrifying and inevitable

I’ll forgive you if you think I’m talking about me because I’ve obviously just described myself as an unstable person, but I was actually talking about the instability of the world and its impact on our lives.

For as long as I’ve been failing to accomplish fucking anything tangible I’ve been aware of the fact that people don’t think we’re gonna get out of this. For a while I went crazy about it because I thought I was projecting. Fun times.

Anyway, maybe most or all of us are fucked. Maybe a better future for humanity can only arise from the collapse we’re barreling toward.

That doesn’t make sense to me. If we can get there after a bunch of big things have fallen apart surely we can use our supreme intellects to reach that point now and pre-empt the deaths of millions and the total collapse of many of the critical supports people need to stay alive.

It might be hopeless but fuck me if I’m not gonna go out swinging. Whatever. I’ll fight a nuke. (I’ll lose.)



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