A New Global Ritual: The Next Great Pilgrimage

Using esoteric knowledge to augment The Hawke Plan™

If the world needs saving: Saving the world is a project we all need to manage. (It looks like the world needs saving.)

Please stop panicking

We’ve consumed our doom and manifested it among our communities but at least the special effects were badass

Eventually they’ll put Winnie The Pooh in Star Wars and THAT’S the narrative that’ll bring us all together — I’m sure of it.

Global Ritual:

“The Next Great Pilgrimage” by my friend Dall-E

This is a dangerous solution in dangerous times

We have to say all of that stuff out loud so we know how to prepare for what we’re walking into.

Sometimes you don’t have time to grab a parachute

Anyway, maybe most or all of us are fucked. Maybe a better future for humanity can only arise from the collapse we’re barreling toward.



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